Country doll Barbara Cecil performs in classic style
The Bone and Brew Festival Waterfront Part this past summer was graced by sun and sizzle. Some of the honest fare was offered by Barbara Cecil, backed by the Up Country duo of Ray Mann and Kevin Neal.
Barbara, Cecil came on the stage looking every bit the country doll that she is. Both the front, and back cover photos of her CD Big Trouble Wow are true-to-life, as is her entire act. She is a polished performer, with stage presence and delivery that are as big as the great outdoors. Cecil entertains and struts, yet her humanity emanates out to the audience. She makes strangers Into friends and friends Into fans. A petite blonde, she sports classy and hip country duds. This girl makes a pair of black jeans look like they oughta look. 

She is such a shining talent and sincere performer that you like her right away. Cecil's voice is an example of the classic "country girl" voice; soft and pretty on the ballads and rowdy on the boot-scooters. She performed many favorite tunes at the Bones and Brew Festival, including a rock-style tune called It Matters to Me and the achingly pretty song Grandpa, She was backed by the voices of Up Country, which made three-part harmony. Nothing beets the sound of voices, blending in a country tune. Cecil has the image of a country style beauty queen, but she shows the audience that she real live girl, not just an "Image" She lacks the vanity of a pseudo-star. Cecil is approachable and pleases audiences with her voice as well as her looks. She does a wonderful job with traditional tunes such as Patsy Cline's Crazy and kicks it up with some stompln' country rock. Even when she to singing a bluesy tune, listeners can't mistake her for anything other than an authentic country singer. Cecil's CD contains some of her original material, the title cut, Big Trouble Now, describes her thoughts when her husband has been acting a little "too nice," wondering what naughty thing he has done that she will eventually find out. The second number, Don't Be Sayin', uses the title for the first time, and continues "that I'm a little overweight, or that her hairstyle is "out of date." She reminds the guy that he's not Garth Brooks either but she loves him just the same. The haunting ballad, She is Love, is dedicated to her mother, who passed recently. This tune could be dedicated to just about anyone for whom the listener has such deep and abiding feelings. This writer still experiences goose bumps while listening to this tune and ft has the same effect whether heard on the CD' or the stage.  All the tunes on this recording are performed with professional, polish and a special flair. The recording quality meets broadcast standards. The liner notes include an order form for more copies of the CD, and for Barbara Cecil T-Shirts. This. would make a very nice gift package for someone special, maybe even for Christmas! The CDs and shirts are usually available at her live performances as well.

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